Visiting the World Famous Phi Phi Island By The Ferries

If you are visiting Phuket you need to consider a trip for some days to the Phi Phi island which is only 46 kilometers, or a one hour 30 minutes ferry ride, from the isle of Phuket. Phi Phi Island are composed of six islands, and the islands have the most spetacular beaches you will ever visit. The mixture of these white sand beaches and crystal clear waters make Phi Phi a big stopover for tourist worldwide .

Phi Phi is The Most Enjoyable

Naturally with all these offered beaches there may arise the question which ones you must to visit or which are the most enjoyable among them?. Here are four of the most common Phi Phi beaches. Long Tong Beach is located in northern part of Phi Phi and is reachable only by a longtail boat ride. This aspect makes the beach isolated and a perfect option if you arein search of for a quiet and solitary holiday. Additionally, the beach is found right on the other smaller islands of Koh Phai, and Koh Yung and these islands provide some exceptional snorkeling for visitors who wish to go underwater and appreciate the fascinating marine life. Loh Dalum beach is opposite the Tonsai Bay and is accessible by walking through Tonsai bay.

Tonsai Beach is Excellent For Visitors

It is a spectacular crescent formed beach and the bay front making the cover photo of many tour guide books. Because it is near to Tonsai, there you find several nice restaurants, shops as well as bars; however the pace is slower than most of Tonsai region. It’s a good beach to chill out on also is excellent for visitors those making a one-day trip from Phuket.Long Beach has the softest sand in all of the Phi Phi ocean beaches. Snorkeling is possible at the beach, you findsome spectacular fishes and corals to be viewed meters from the Long Beachfront.

Plan on Visiting Long Beachfront

If you plan on visiting Long Beachfront avoid the low ocean tide season (from May to October) since the waters are rough causing swimming to be a difficult affair. Maya Bay. This is possibly the most well-known beach all over Thailand because it was the background for the film The Beach (1999). It is quite spectacular, with tall limestone cliffs on the 3 sides of the bay plus several beaches in such a sheltered area. The whole bay is a big coral reef making the main beach an entirely white sand beach fringed between palm trees.

Many one-day visitors come to Maya Bay and find it an ideal place to get a few photos, enjoy snorkeling or have a picnicor relax. A holiday to this enchanted part of the world is not whole until you have stayed at least one if not all of the three regions; Phuket, Phi Phi, and Krabi. Phuket ferry services are a popular traveling option. The moment you board some of the many attractive ferries, you immediately have the chance to familiarize yourself with thevessel. Once you have discovered out where everything important is, take a lazy stroll outside the boat and enjoy the fresh sea air. As you begin pulling away from the big Phuket shore into the open sea, you can forget your sea fears and enjoy the breathtaking view of sunrise/sunset from the horizon.

Phuket ferry services offer food and beverages to all on board. If you have kids, you will find yourself at peace bearing in mind that they have ample play area where they can have the pleasure as well as socialize with other kids.

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