Sailing Holiday

What to Bring on Sailing Holiday

If you decide to have some marvelous moments on the open sea, first of all, you are going to need a professional and reliable charter company that will provide you the best sailing experience. At the same time, you’ll have to be pretty organized because there are some things that you should provide by yourself, too.

Do not pack your bad mood!

First things that you should pack for your sailing adventure are good mood and open mind, since you are going to be on a small place with many strangers, for at least one week. In the beginning, everything onboard will look tiny: cabins, kitchen, not to mention the bathroom! But as soon as you succeed to find your very own quiet corner, you’ll start to accommodate to this brand new situation and to get familiar with other people, specially when they discover your quiet corner or even occupy it.


Anyways, as there is not very much space for your things, you should pack them wisely. Since sailing holiday is one of the most relaxing and casual ways to enjoy, you certainly won’t need suits and high heels. During your sailing journey you will usually spend your time on the deck, on the beach or exploring sites of the places that you will sail into, so you shouldn’t be carrying heavy and bulky luggage that you won’t even need.

What should I bring?

Bathing suits and shorts are a must have, of course! You should also grab some favorite shirts, jeans, dresses and skirts, but don’t forget a sweatshirt or two, as the nights on the sea may be a little fresher. It wouldn’t be bad for you to bring a hat or a cap as a protection from possible sudden wind. A jacket is a good option, too. One pretty important advice that we can give is not to bring heavy shoes, specially if you are planning gulet sailing. To preserve the wooden floor, you’ll have to be barefoot all the time or at least to wear some light footwear such as flip-flops, sandals, espadrilles or some lightweight sneakers. Forget about high heels!

As you will be spending a great part of the days on your gulet or sail boat, you should think about quality of your free time – you are more than allowed to bring your favorite book, magazines, CDs and USB sticks with music in it.

When it comes to sun protection, you should be bringing some creams with high SPF, but don’t use protective oils, because it might get really slippery on the deck, and you don’t want accidents during your sailing experience. If you use some specific medicines that can’t be easily found, you should pack them too, just in case of need.

We recommend to put your things into a flexible bag that can be easily disposed once when you pull your things out of it.

At the end – don’t forget to bring your camera, since you’re going to need it, a lot! For your next sailing trip I recommend you check out SailingEurope, this guys are true professionals and have planned my last sailing trip in Croatia from start till the end.

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