What To Do With All Your Belongings During A Move

A few months ago I was forced with a huge decision. I was set to make a huge move from Victoria British Columbia to Toronto Ontario. I had a lot of belongings that I really did want to move with me. For one I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be out there. Secondly I wanted to make it simple so I just rented a furnished condo close to my work. The cost of moving stuff all the way across Canada was too expensive.

But back to my big decision. I needed to figure out what I was going to do with all my belongings. For years I had been collecting stuff from baseball cards, to books and of course home furnishings. Most of the stuff I hadn’t looked at in years but since I hadn’t moved in years, I’ve hung onto it.

In facing this big decision, I did some research on what my options where. I want to share those options with you in hopes that I can help solve your problem of what to do with all your belongings during a move.


1 – Have A Garage Sale

The first and easiest choice is to sift through your stuff. Figure out what you can’t live without and what you can. Whatever you can’t live without, set it aside and sale it during a garage sale.

I did this and raised a few bucks. My earnings essentially paid for my flight to Toronto. Am I going to miss some things? Or course I will but in the end, I had to trim the clutter.

2 – Give Stuff To Good Will

For years I have been giving away my gently worn clothes to local charities like Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Little did I know that I could also donate home furnishings and household appliances.

I had a few things like a coffee table, toaster oven and my bedroom set which I didn’t need. They were all in good shape and could make a real difference to some families in need of those items.

3 – Use A Storage Facility

For the can’t toss out items, I had them stored in a storage Victoria BC facility. This was great as they would be there if I didn’t stay in Toronto long. The company also said they could ship my mobile storage container to me in Toronto if I ended up staying out there.

It was really easy too store all my items as they delivered and mobile storage unit to my door. From there I took my time packing it and called them to pick it up and drop it off at their facility. The company was UPak Mobile Storage Victoria.

I’m sure you can find one in your local area and I really hope that you enjoyed my options for what to do with all your belongings.

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