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What to See in Rome in 24 Hours and How to Get There Fast

If you are on a tight schedule, maybe you are on a business trip or just passing through Rome, and you only have 24 hours to visit this city, you might want to do your homework before in order not to miss any of the important places.

You must first choose a fast Rome airport transfer option to get to your hotel. If money is not an issue for you, just take a taxi and in a matter of minutes, you will be at your hotel and start your journey. If you care about how much you’ll spend during this trip, take the train and in 40 minutes you will be at your destination.

Fortunately, Rome is quite a compact city, so just walking around you will come upon many famous sites. This beautiful city brings modern and ancient together, and there is so much to see here that you could spend a week, and it would not be enough. But do not worry, there are several must-see attractions, with high cultural, artistic and historical value that you can see in 24 hours.

The Roman Forum

Once you get to the airport, take a taxi, train or bus to get to your hotel as soon as possible and leave your baggage. Get on a bus that goes to the Roman Forum and buy a combined ticket for the Colosseum and the Forum. You will save time staying in line to purchase a ticket at the Colosseum. Visit the Roman Forum, take a guidebook to help you understand what you see and you might also have breakfast on the 2,000-year old stairs of the Forum.

Roman Forum

The Colosseum

Next stop is the Colosseum, but on your way make sure you see the Arch of Constantine on your right side. You already have the ticket so just enter the Colosseum and spend some time admiring this beautifully preserved early 300s building.

The Vatican

Get a taxi or the Metro and go to Vatican City. Walk through the Piazza del Risorgimento and buy a guided tour to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. This will also allow you to skip the line, which could mean hours of waiting. Ask for a tour that starts around 1 pm and check if the tour has the permission to skip the Vatican Museum lines. While you are waiting for the tour to start, go and grab some lunch and a nearby restaurant. If you don’t have time, just buy a sandwich.


The Castle San Angelo

The Vatican Museums close at 4 pm so walk up the Via della Conciliazione to the Via San Pio X and onto Ponte Vittorio Emanuele Bridge. This s one of the most beautiful bridges in Rome, where you can admire the beautiful Castle San Angelo.

The Pantheon

Take a taxi and go to the Pantheon. The bus could take a long time. After visiting the Pantheon, you can see the rest of the attractions at your pace as there is no closing time for them.

The Trevi Fountain

Walk from the Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain (10-minute walk). Get some gelato from one of the gelaterias and sit on the fountain’s steps to enjoy it. Throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish.

Piazza Navona and Dinner

From the fountain take a 20-minute walk to Piazza Navona, buy something from the street artists and have dinner.

The Spanish Steps

Take a taxi and go to the Spanish Steps, take a seat on a step and just relax, absorbing the atmosphere around you. Why not bring a bottle of wine or a beer and sit here as long as you want. This is your last destination before going to your hotel room and take a well-deserved sleep after a busy day.

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