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When Traveling to New York City

When you and your family decide to make the trip to New York City or New Jersey the one thing you will absolutely find is that roads are extremely crowed. The last thing you will want to do while on vacation is to deal with the stress of navigating the traffic while driving. How do you solve this you ask? Here are 2 Modes of Transporation to choose from

Hire a Limousine or Car Service

The one thing you will notice is that there is an abundance of limo companies in New Jersey and NYC. A limo could be the perfect touch for your family vacation. Why not travel in style and not have to deal with the stress of bumper to bumper traffic. You will have a chauffeur that is familiar with the area and can help reduce the time in traffic due to his expert knowledge of traffic patterns and short cuts.

There are many different kinds of vehicles that you can select from depending on your budget, number of passengers and taste if you are looking for a Limo NJ.

Classic Stretched Limousine

The Lincoln Stretched Limo has been around for decades and is the industry standard in luxury. It has classic lines and comes equipped with all of the amenities one could ask for. They come in various lengths to accommodate from 2 to 12 passengers. Recently many other cars have been stretched to give the Lincoln a run for their money. The all new Chrysler 300 limo has now taken over as the limousine of choice in New Jersey and NYC for Weddings. Also the Jaguar Stretched Limousine is beginning to catch on as well.

SUV Limousine

If you have more than 12 passengers you will want to take advantage of a SUV Limo like the H2 Hummer, Escalade or Excursion. These vehicles provide the same type of amenities found in a standard stretch limousine but have a much more space and leg room. The Hummer has quickly become the favorite for High School Proms in New Jersey and NYC.

Party Bus

When you have an extremely large group or would like room for dancing and singing you should consider a party bus. Many party buses can handle between 10 and 50 passengers depending on the size. Most will have dance floors, bars, bathrooms, flat screen televisions and much more.

When selecting a company take the time to research reviews and rates to get the best possible deal available

Mass Transit in New Jersey and NYC

New Jersey and NYC both have well developed transportation infrastructures including trains, buses and subways that travel to across the state to connect people and cities. This mode of transportation is very affordable to all but is not the quickest way to get from point A to point B. Also you will have to deal with number of people who also riding with you. At times you will need to stand for the duration of the trip which could become very uncomfortable.


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