Where to Take Your Family on Their Next Adventure

It’s about that time of year again. Time to schedule vacation days at work, pack the suitcases, and head out on another great adventure. Where will you go on your next family adventure? Can you possibly decide on a place that will please everyone? Here are a few great places to take your family that will make everyone happy.

For the Nature Lover

The Grand Canyon is known for its immense size, but it can accommodate the needs of the small members of your family as well as the large. Activities include hiking, Junior Ranger programs, and Colorado River rafting.

Bryce Canyon boasts a less impressive size and shorter hikes. These hikes, ranging from .8 miles to 8.5 miles, can suit the needs of everyone in the family, including grandparents. You could even take your children, age seven and up, on a two-hour horseback ride to the bottom of the canyon and back.

Yosemite National Park provides a wide array of family-friendly activities. You can view the park from the road, from numerous lookouts, on horseback, on hiking trails, and by boat. Fishing and swimming are available for those in your family who enjoy water sports, and the Junior Ranger programs provide a fun, educational experience for your young children.

Carlsbad Caverns’ exciting lantern tours and tight crawl spaces are perfect for the adventurous spelunkers in your family. Those who would rather stay upright can access a major portion of the cave by a moderate hike through the natural entrance. Parts of the cave are even wheelchair accessible.

For the History Buff

Jamestown is the perfect place to rediscover history. Walk in the footsteps of Pocahontas, Captain John Smith, John Rolfe, and Powhatan.

Boston, Massachusetts, is the perfect place for Revolutionary war buffs. Your family will better appreciate the birth of their country as they relive the struggles of the founding fathers on the Freedom Trail, the easiest way to see all of the historic sites, including North Church, in one day.

For the Park Lovers

Disneyland and Disney World are perfect for anyone wanting a little magic. If your children love rides and princesses, take them to the place where “dreams come true.”

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, is the place where Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, Marvel Heroes, and E.T. come alive. For the older children, this might be preferable over Disney World or Disneyland.

For the Beach Lovers

St. Andrews State Park in Panama City is one of the lesser known, and therefore less crowded, beaches in Florida. It boasts clear, turquoise water, white sands, and child-friendly breakers.

Corpus Christi, Texas, has very activity-friendly beaches. Many of the beaches allow you to drive directly onto the beach. On Mustang Island, on-beach campfires and tent camping are also permitted.

Whether you find yourself on top of a mountain, or swimming at sea level, you can give your family the adventure of a lifetime. With so many places to see and different activities to try, each member of your family can find something special to enjoy.

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