Why Buy a Bimini Top for your Boat?

Bimini tops are more than aesthetically pleasing! They are a canvas top for your boat that also provides shelter to you, passengers and your prized possession. Read the following reasons for installing a bimini top, if you’re not sure why you’d bother!

Provides shelter from the sun

Although you may not receive full protection from rain or wind, a bimini top offers essential sun protection for long sunny days on the water! Slip, slop, slap AND put up your bimini – you’ve got the best sun protection. You won’t only be protecting yourself either. Boat covers and bimini tops can assist in protecting the interior of the boat from sun damage or even fading. Keep your boat in shape for the long haul!

Allows air to flow through the sides

While providing good sun protection, your bimini top also allows air to flow through the sides – which is what you want on a beautiful day, right? Fresh air, the breeze in your hair but not a hint of sunburn (hopefully), but make sure it’s fitted right.

Higher value for reselling

You may love your boat forever, but there’s always the chance you may want to sell it or upgrade to a fancier model. You never know. The addition of a bimini top will assist you in retaining the value of your boat over time and if you do end up reselling, you’ll have more chance of getting the top price. It’s win win.

Boats aren’t a small expense and that’s why it’s vital to make sure you’re looking after not only your boat but yourself and your passengers. When investing in a boat, getting a boat cover or bimini top custom made must be on the top of your priority list. You won’t regret it. When you’re ready to install a bimini top, contact Boatique. They have an incredible inventory and understanding of your needs.

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