Why France Could Be The Best Place To Take Travel By Motorhome In Europe

Whilst a lot of Motorhome users tour overseas regularly, It can be quite daunting for someone to try touring outside of the UK for the first time. Probably the best place to start would be France. France is a beautiful country, with areas to suit everyone, from mountains and rivers, to beaches.

Motorhomes in the country can park almost anywhere, providing there is not a notice indicating otherwise. There are multiple campsites in almost every French town or village, some sites are fine for an overnight stop, and some would make a good holiday destination in themselves. The larger commercial sites, outside peak times, usually have free pitches, and places can be found without having to book in advance. Some smaller sites can be discovered usually off major routes and these can be even more beautiful.

The roads are much quieter than the UK, and there are plenty of places to stop for picnics or comfort stops. There is such a wide variety of places and campsites to suit everyone, from the largest all-singing, all-dancing site with top facilities, pool complexes and waterslides, to farm type sites.

French food is very good value, with a three course meal and wine available from around 10 Euro’s upwards.

Parking in France is also a lot easier as it is mostly free, even down by the beach areas. Many historic sites are free to walk around, and you can visit a variety of attractions without having to spend much.

Being able to speak the language would give a significant advantage, but on the larger sites usually they will be able to speak English.

French markets are also an attractive view point. Most villages of any size will have a weekly market, almost all with a few stalls with the local people selling home grown fruit and vegetable, farm produced cheese, locally picked mushrooms, as well as bigger stalls with a wide range of produce. Having a campsite close to a village has an advantage, so you can have a morning stroll or visit the local bakery.

France is good starter for first time travellers. Because it is such a large country it has something for anyone. Most important thing to remember is to drive on the other side of the road, but there is always the option of booking a campsite near a port so the first day journey will be short.

Once you have gained the confidence of travelling in France, then the rest of Europe will be open up. Popular destinations are Germany, Austria or even Italy where the climate is much warmer.


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