Renting Used Cars

Why Renting Used Cars Is Great

When you travel to any country in the world as a tourist you always want to stay in comfort, live in comfort and all in all travel in comfort. Travelling in comfort means having a car because it is exactly car what opens all the doors and roads in the country you have come to. This is where you need to be very thoughtful because from what kind of car you choose now and with what options will depend you whole journey. This article will open up some hidden rocks about renting a car and some differences of renting new and used cars. The article was written basing on the data collected from various rent-a-car agencies in Canada in 2015.

  1. Budget

As people say “no money, ne honey”. The more money you have, the higher class of vehicle you can rent. BUT if you want to rent a new car then your budget should be much bigger if compared to one for the same but used car. This is where you can actually ask yourself a question “luxury or luxe”? One of the great advantages of used cars rental is that you get a lot of models available to choose from. In case of renting a used car you can always let yourself some more options like renting a high class sport car. Moreover, many Canada rental services have luxury cars with extra fancy add-ons and various gadgets which you do not have to overpay for because they are already installed into the used cars. In case of renting a brand new car of the same model you would definitely pay much more money.

  1. Comfort

As already mentioned when travelling you want to stay comfortable all the time. In this issue tastes differ. Some prefer hatchbacks, some sedans, jeeps or estate cars at this point you need to decide for yourself what type of car you need. Then when calling a rent-a-car service you can always tell what you need and explain precisely whether you are looking for new or used cars. In Canada most rental services will be able to provide you with both options. Some people do not understand why renting used cars can be beneficial and more comfortable; these are some of the reasons:

  • You can rent such a car that you are driving at home where you know all the buttons and ways to use it.
  • All the used cars in rental services have been driven by some people before you and if there were any problems, employees have already removed them so you can feel safer.
  • You have the feeling of “home” when driving a car which is “just like yours”.
    1. Ignoring upgrades

The last but not least important in renting used cars in Canada is to ignore any upgrades that a service may advise you. The most important things are usually already installed in any new or used car, such as AC or alarm system. With no doubt, when renting cars in any country you need to listen to the assistance, because in Egypt you will need AC and in Finland special winter tires, but pay attention to what they say not to be hooked up and spend more moeny than you have planned to.


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