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Why Travel Thailand?

Thailand truly is a beautiful place, from the smiling locals to the extraordinary scenery! Whenever I step foot in Thailand, I always get this overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness that no other place has been able to replicate. So why travel Thailand you ask?

The food for one is to die for. I’m sure you have tried thai food at your local thai restaurants in the western world, but they do not even come close. The food in Thailand is full of flavor and freshness. This is very true as food is usually made to order from fresh ingredients. And best of all, its so cheap. I had some of the best pad thai noodles ever from a street vendor which only costed me about $1.50! You can quite literally have every meal made for you and spend practically nothing for that luxury!

The nature is truly magical! I have travelled all throughout the Caribbean and have yet to find beaches as nice as Thailand. Koh Phi Phi has an amazing beach where they actually filmed the movie The Beach starring Leonardo Dicaprio as a young backpacker. Which the beach is stunning, it is loaded with tourists due to the popularity of the movie. But fear not, there are so many beaches in Thailand that are pristine and unoccupied by the masses. But Thailand isn’t just beaches, there is way more in terms of nature. Just out beautiful mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, and much much more.

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The people and the culture in Thailand are so inviting! Thailand is known as the land of smiles for a reason! Many of the locals I have met in my travels have been amazing nice and genuine. Some locals have done a lot for me without expecting anything in return. And then there are your fellow travellers. Some of the best people I’ve met in my life are people I’ve met in my travels who too are on a trip of a lifetime. Many want to share their experience, so I’ve ended up meeting others and going on tours, to bars, and had meals with them. And there is so much culture to explore. Thailand is a Buddhist country and is home to loads of amazing temples and statues. The vibes that you get from being in these places are completely serene.

The party scene is second to none. From full moon parties to crazy nights on the Khao San Road, expect some of the wildest partying you’ve ever seen. I’ve had one too many insane nights drinking buckets and Change beer, only to do it all over again the following night. It really is a good time because of how social the atmosphere is. The partiers are from all over the globe and have much more of an inviting personality.

So what are you waiting for, book that amazing trip to Thailand!

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