Travelling Off-Peak to Australia

Travelling Off-Peak to Australia

The best time to travel to Australia for the budget savvy travelers out there is in between seasons when flights are not at their peak prices, and the intensity of the heat does not stifle even the most sun-worshipping of us. Don’t get me wrong, mid-summer in Australia is a great place to be. You’ll have an Australian Christmas and New Year. Just imagine being in Sydney for New Year’s Eve!

The only downside is that you’ll be paying peak season prices for everything from flights to accommodation.

If you are a budget-savvy traveler, and you’d like to travel to Australia, most of the attractions you can still see even when it’s not peak season. One tip is to think about what it is you want to visit, then check their times and prices, because you might find peak seasons reversed.

Being a continent-sized island, there is ocean surrounding Australia, waiting to show you coral reefs, islands, breath-taking coastline, and a variety of sea sports, you could say. Whale-watching, anyone? Then you have train trips across the interior from the east to the west. You have forests to explore, and kangaroos to see. If you need further encouragement, here are three good reasons to travel to Australia off-peak:

  • The Climate is more comfortable

Most of what Australia has to offer is available to enjoy all year long, but what will change is the climate, and more or less how comfortable you might feel. For instance, in the north or center of Australia, you will find a cooler, even drier climate in the winter than you would in the summer. What does this mean for traveling to the center and the north? Peak times come when the weather is better, so you’ll see more people wanting to travel to the interior during the cooler months than in mid-summer. Practically-speaking, your flight to a major center in Australia will be lower in winter, but you’ll pay peak prices when in the north or center.

Climate is more comfortable

  • Flights are Cheaper

Flying to Australia from December to February is when flights are at their most ridiculous. You would need to book at least 3 to 4 months in advance to have bought a flight that is not too long nor pricey. If, on the other hand, you buy your flights 5-6 months in advance, you’ll have flights as low as they can get, before the urgency window increases the price by the day.

Flights are Cheaper

  • Accommodation is off-peak too

Apart from up north in Darwin, or in the center of Australia, your traveling costs will be lower when it does not peak traveling time. Hotel deals mean you could stay in a 5-star hotel at the price of a 3-star one. Though attraction costs remain the same, as well as local transport prices, your accommodation is often a large chunk of your budget that can get halved if you find good off-peak prices.


Traveling off-peak might allow for a longer vacation or a more comfortable one. You can still appreciate all that Australia has to offer, just with less stress on your pocket, and lower temperatures for your skin. You might find that as it is such a vast country, you’ll want to visit more than once. There will be time for other seasons and their peak priced reasons. For now, enjoy planning your trip to Australia.

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