Climb Machu Picchu

Advice For When Is Thhe Best Time To Climb Machu Picchu

Tell me you can’t wait to climb one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu. Making a trip to Peru is always an opportunity to see and experience the wonders of the Inca people. You’ll be amazed at all the valleys, tropical forests, fortresses, and wildlife that beautify Machu Picchu. The landscapes and different trails that you’ll see will reveal the appealing scenery of Peru to you, and it will always be an adventure to remember.

To have the best of the enigmatic but remarkable experience, you need to ascertain the best time to make your trip and climb Machu Picchu. Without accurate timing, you may expose yourself to the direct opposite if what you anticipate. Now that’s not what we want, right? So, how do you ensure you go at the right time?

Avoid Going to Machu Picchu during the Wet Season

There are two main seasons in Peru – wet season and dry season. In the wet season, you’re bound to experience storms and torrential downpours that will blur your vision, if you attempt a trip during this time. Aside from that, you’ll be exposing yourself to accidents on the mountains like slips or dangerous falls. Thus, it’s best to avoid the wet season. What months of the year make up the wet season?

We have Machu Picchu In November, the rains are just beginning, and they come in full force. By December, it increases a lot, and the weather stays warm. But this doesn’t deter travelers on holiday, who have come from all over the world to behold the beautiful ancient sites. During this time, the cost of trips and accommodation is higher, but many people just ignore it and grab the best of the holidays.

The crowd that travels to Machu Picchu in January is reduced to a very great extent especially because the rains become most unbearable during this month. In February, authorities close the Inca Trail for maintenance services which help to restore the sites to their perfect shape. By March, the weather gradually begins to improve, though this doesn’t mean the rainy days are over. The beauty of touring in March is that the trails are quiet and you can enjoy taking your time to enjoy the sacred paths. You’ll also have the magical mist of the mornings all to yourself.

Avoid the Holidays

While holidays are the best times to spend time away from work and just make that trip, the holiday seasons aren’t exactly the most suitable times to climb Machu Picchu. Why so? You’ll have the crowd to struggle through during winter, spring, and summer breaks. Also, the long lines may just get you ruing why you made the trip in the first place. June, July, and August are the peak periods, but you can also enjoy the dry weather and extraordinary views.

Choose the Dry Season

Anytime within mid-April, May, September, and October is perfect. This period is winter in Peru, and you can opt to climb Huayna Picchu, the twin mountain of Machu Picchu and enjoy the magnificent view of Machu Picchu. More travelers make their trip within this period as the days are dry and the nights are cold. The ample sunshine is just perfect for a hike.

When you consider all these key factors, you can conveniently make the right plans and choose a reputable touring agency. Don’t look any further. Evolution Treks Peru is here for you. Why not reach us now so we can provide you all the information you need to make the best choice?

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