Bangkok’s Night Life

Discovering Bangkok’s Night Life: The Perfect Itinerary For You

There several reasons to love Bangkok and its night life is one of them. There are so many things to do and so many places to visit that it is impossible to get monotonous and bored!

In this opportunity I will share with you the perfect itinerary, which is full of very interesting activities that will allow you to enjoy of Bangkok’s night life at its best. Let’s start!

Night #1: Join a Bangkok Night Tour

Exploring this city in daylight is an exotic experience, yet doing it at night adds more excitement to it and makes it more enigmatic, and as a result, it becomes more captivating.

The perfect way to explore this city at night is with the Go Black tour offered by Go Bangkok Tours. Why? Because exploring this city at this time of the day while riding a bike and with a professional tour guide is a completely different experience.


It starts with a nice stroll around an old Muslim community followed by a short visit to the emblematic The Old Customs House. You will also get the chance to explore the numerous streets that compose Bangkok’s Chinatown, which is especially beautiful at night. And let’s not forget about markets, which are another important part of this city.

You will also visit the Historical Thonburi and its magnificent temples. And believe me, the temples look far more appealing and enigmatic at night!

The weather and the beautiful and enigmatic landscapes that solely the night can bring you, you will do well if you decide to embark yourself in this adventure!

Night #2: Pick a Dinner Cruise

If you decided to take the Go Black tour, then by now you should know way more about Bangkok than before. The next step is to pick a dinner cruise, a very popular attraction in this city. And well, what’s not to like about cruising down the glorious Chao Praya River at night while enjoying of a delicious meal?

Enjoying the beautiful Bangkok’s landscapes at night from this perspective is an unforgettable experience, especially if you are in a couple, because it happens to be very romantic.

Night #3: Visit the Best Clubs

A pretty good reasons on why people love Bangkok’s nightlife is due to the multitude of clubs you can find here. For your third night in the city it’d be a wonderful idea to visit some of the best clubs!

If you like listening blues music live which is mostly attended by locals, then you can go to Apoteka. And you should definitively visit it if you love EDM music.

And well, if you have been enchanted by the beauty of Thai girls, then you should visit Insanity, where you will find plenty of them. If hip-hop, EDM and House are your thing, then you are going to love it.

And if you are up for an adventure, then the Live RCA club is the place to be. The crowd and the music totally depend on the day, so if you are ready for a surprise, then visit it!



As you can see, in just 3 days, you can discover many interesting things and aspects of Bangkok. I encourage you to give this itinerary a try, because it will leave you totally satisfied!


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