13 Things You Need To Do Before Travelling To Europe


Are travel checklists really that boring? How many times have you set off to a foreign country and forgot to do something pretty necessary? Luckily we have you covered. We have come up with 13 things that you should mark off your list before you get on a plane to Europe. #1 Get A SIM Card With A Europe Data ...

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Unreal Shopping: 5 Must-Visit Milan

Milan Outlests

If you have money, you can be called a wealthy person, but if you know what to spend it for – you’re a lucky person. Nowadays outlet shopping becomes increasingly relevant, so both foreign and Italian shoppers have long time ago discovered huge benefits of making purchases there. For example, would you like to buy men’s Calvin Klein shoes for ...

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Top Tips for Traveling to Italy with Kids

Travelling anywhere with kids is never an easy thing to do but it can be more fun to share the memories together. When travelling to Italy, or to any other country for that matter, it is important to know a few or more things before the actual day of travel. Here are top tips to help you for your Italian ...

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Affinity Holidays France-South France Villas

Affinity Holidays France

If you want a holiday vacation of your dreams, the South France is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. The magnificent beaches and exclusive villas are just waiting for new guests. If you want to rent out the best South France villas for your vacation, the Affinity Holidays France are the experts in the area. They offer ...

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TOP 12 True Spanish Places In Madrid


Madrid stands apart from other European capitals. It is interesting to walk down the city squares, central street Gran-via, along the labyrinth of alleys, shops, and cafes. Unlike Paris, London or Vienna you cannot feel ancient atmosphere in the cathedral church – it was finished just in 1993. The architecture here cannot stop from surprising tourists and guests of its ...

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Travel Through Italy In Comfort And Style

Travel Through Italy

The concept of a guided tour is not a new one for travellers to Italy; however luxury private tours are less talked about. For years tour companies have been taking visitors to see the sights of this beautiful country and guiding them through its many attractions. Travellers gather their bags, jump on board a bus, and travel with a group ...

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Top 10 Things You Should Catch In Bologna And Surroundings

image feature

In particular, Bologna, a capital of Emilia Romagna region, should be your first stage to meet Italy. It is going to be the very thing for everything interesting and informative: learning Italian, meeting people, tasting something classic and typically Italian. The other words, your visiting Bologna makes you full of positive impressions, and “hot” moments. You shouldn’t stop! Coming to Italy, everyone ...

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An Easy Guide To Schengen Tourist Visa Application


Schengen visa is an excellent option which allows tourists to travel around Europe on a single visa. With a Schengen visa one can travel freely around Schengen area. There are 26 countries which are within the Schengen region see the below image to get an idea of the places within Schengen region. Countries under Schengen region are Austria Belgium,Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, ...

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Beach Holidays in Turkey


When planning a beach holiday in Turkey consider that the local sun-loving Turks return to their summerhouses in coastal towns near the beaches every possible day off during the summer and Muslim holidays.  The high season for beach holidays goes from June to August, with the highest temperatures, the most exorbitant prices and the most buzzing crowds.  In 2016, Monday ...

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Places That You Definitely Should Visit When You Travel To La Bella Italia!


Who doesn’t want to travel all around the world and meet different cultures and people all the time? I guess we all do. Why? The reason is simply, it makes us grow as persons and it expand our view about the world. If you are lover of traveling (and deep inside everyone is) then please be honest and admit it, ...

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