Famous Castles of Romania

Those of you who are still wondering what Romania is all about, there is still much to talk about, but above anything else, to see for yourself. Apart from the stunning landscapes and fascinating culture, Romania is also known for its magnificent castles, with some of most beautiful or terrifying castles in the world, maybe a mix of both usually. ...

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Minibus Tours In London


When it comes to visiting the UK there is one thing every tourist wants to do and that is to visit London. Why wouldn’t they? It’s the capital of England and there’s so much to see and do there you can’t begin to try and get it done in one day. London is such a vast and multicultural city that ...

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A Walking Guide to Beyoglu, the Most Beautiful District of Istanbul


In Istanbul, the district of Beyoglu stitches together the neighborhoods of Galata, Karakoy, Tophane, Cihangir, and Cukurcuma into a mosaic of Turkish and European identities. Geographically, Refik Saydam Avenue, Tarlabasi Boulevard and Taksim Square define the northwestern limit and the shores of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus the southeastern limit of Beyoglu. Historically, Beyoglu carries the legacy of more ...

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Visiting Lake District in England? Here’s what You Need to Know

Lake District in England

The Lake District is located in the county of Cumbria in the north west of England in the United Kingdom. It has a population of around 420,000 people and the Lake District National Park encompasses 885 square miles (which is approximately half a million acres) in an area around 30 miles across. This could be about to change though as ...

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3 Must-See Places When Visiting London


Visiting London is a chance in a lifetime for many, but the burning question is what should we aim to visit while there? Read on and we detail 3, star London attractions, which you will enjoy visiting while in London. Tower Bridge Tower Bridge, built in 1886 is a bridge that crosses the River Thames in Central London. It is ...

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Tips When Travelling To Belgium

The country of Belgium is known to be the world’s number one maker of beers, chocolates, and fries. It sure has a lot to offer than that- picturesque sceneries, rich culture, fine architecture, and a variety of masterpiece in art galleries. Moreover, if you want to explore the old days of World War I the country of Belgium surely has ...

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Villa Fiorentino in Positano

Positano is resplendent village that lies along the Amalfi coast. The surreal experience that this Italian village provides is bound to cast a spell on you and you will soon be captivated. The rugged mountainous terrain juxtaposed with dazzling blue water and white sand beaches form a haven where you will revel in peace. The charms of the town are ...

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The Essentials For Planning A European Road Trip

Whether you are cruising through Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland, or Mille Miglia, Italy, road trips need a lot of preparation. Although the idea behind the classic formula of a road trip is based on freedom and going wherever the road may take you, it still does not hurt to have a little preparation to minimise the chances of setbacks. ...

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Carpe Diem: Go to Museum and Something Else to Enjoy in Amsterdam

Carpe Diem: Go to Museum and Something Else to Enjoy in Amsterdam Amsterdam is a perfect city to take a walk. Even if you have only three or four days, do not miss an opportunity to walk about the city and inhale its exhilarating air. The best time for a trip to Amsterdam is Thursday at the height of spring ...

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3 New England Gardens You Can’t Miss

New England Gardens

New England offers many beautiful gardens. While visiting the individual gardens, you might want to think about the feeling the gardens elicit. The Longfellow Garden provides a quiet Oasis in the city. Polly Hill Arboretum is vast and offers a more “wild” view of nature. Finally, the Shaker Village gives a glance into the past, and perhaps a hint of ...

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