A Brief Guide To Benidorm, Spain

Till 1960s Benidorm was just a small village inhibited mostly by fishermen; but with time the place has developed as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, particularly due to its immense natural beauty and the high class hospitality industry that has flourished in the place. Benidorm houses some of the most attractive beaches and makes the fifth most populous town in the province of Alicante with 73,768 numbers of permanent inhabitants.

About Benidorm

The history of the small city of Benidorm can be traced back to as far as 3000 BC, but the settlements in the area were really small; which grew noticeably after the arrival of the Moors. Benidorm fishermen were famous across Spain in the 18th Century, but with the subsequent declination of the industry in 1952, the area was promoted as a tourist market. Currently the city is known for its hospitality industry, long stretches of natural beaches, multiple theme parks as well as international song and music festival.  Another interesting fact about this small town is that, in the world, it has the highest high-rise buildings per capita.

Reaching Benidorm

Any traveler can avail daily flights to the Alicante Airport from most of the major European cities. From Alicante airport one can opt for the fast trams which take 1 hour and 9 minutes to reach the city. From the airport one can also avail taxis to reach Bendorm. The Benidorm station is around 2Km from the center of the town.

Benidorm is well connected with local towns such as Calpe, Alicante and Altea through local bus service, and with Denia through trains.

Staying at Benidorm

There are several hotels as well as holiday apartments ranging from 1 star to 5 star rating across the city; hence every traveler can easily find a place to stay within their budget.  There are also a number of all- inclusive hotels available in Benidorm, so if you are looking for a steal, opting for a package can be a great idea. Levante is the most popular place to stay and is perfect for families and groups, but if you are looking for a calm and quite holiday the old town is a preferred option.

Places of attraction

The pristine beaches are surely the primary attractions of the place. The three major beaches of the place include,

  • Levante
  • Poniente and
  • MalPas

 All of them are blue flagged by the European Union which stands for the maximum quality standard. There are excellent water sports opportunities in Levant; whereas Poniente is comparatively quite. The MalPas beach is smaller in comparison and offers an excellent view of Castle cliffs.

The theme parks are the other attraction of the place. The most popular theme parks of Benidorm to visit are:

  • Terra Mitica
  • Aqualandia and
  • Mundomar

Adventure holiday in Benidorm

The place offers plenty of outdoor activity and adventure sports. One can choose different types of outdoor activities and sports, starting from jeep safari through the Costa Blanca Mountain range to scuba diving, canoeing, paragliding or mountain biking, depending on his/her inclinations.

Food and Shopping

Benidorm has a number of excellent food joints and a very rich collection of cuisines. Do not forget to taste the local varieties as well. As far as shopping is concerned, the place is a haven for shopaholics. Starting from cheap leather goods to jewelry, paintings and pottery, you can shop for anything of your choice at Benidorm.

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