Restaurants of Los Angeles

Gastronomic Tour: TOP 11 Prominent Restaurants of Los Angeles

Welcome to hospitable Los Angeles, a bright city of many adventures, where the simplest talk starts with the typical question: “Where are you from?”

Los Angeles is a city, where the famous Hollywood is going strong, attracting script writers, film lovers and tourists. This is a noisy mix of culture, society and American kitchen, blinking alleys, fancy cars and exciting museums.

Just relax and enjoy your trip! It’s time to go shopping, visit interesting places and make a feast of delicious American food. This is the city of angels, baby!

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Getting around the city

Going to Los Angeles you should know that the most popular transport is tube. It includes 4 main branches and about 200 bus routes. The metro ticket costs about 2,70 USD for one drive. You can buy tickets in special machines at each station.

Los Angeles surprises visitors of its immensity and confusion. It seems that it is impossible driving a car here – this is a banal mistake. Experienced tourists know that it is really difficult to get around the city in America without car, especially if you want to see as much sights as possible. The choice of renting offers is wide. All you need is international driving license and driving experience more than a year.

Papa Cristo’s restaurant

As for me, Los Angeles means a complex of fashionable hotels, luxurious boutiques and, sure enough, perfect restaurants, famous all over the city. Papa Cristo’s restaurant offers to try delicious dinners of Mediterranean kitchen to his guests. One of the chef’s specialties is grilled chicken with potatoes. Young visitors are enthusiastic about various deserts, cooked according to special recipe.

Sushi Roku restaurant

Sushi Roku restaurant touches the best feeling of all Japanese kitchen lovers. The hall is well decorated, welcoming you to rest and relax from the city noise. Obviously, you can try sushi, scallops, cod, cooking according to writing recipes.

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Koi restaurant

One of the most interesting gastronomic locations is Koi. The restaurant includes 4 wide halls, a cozy inner yard and sushi-bar. There are many famous visitors in KoiJennifer LopezMadonna, and George Clooney. Speaking about the dishes, you should try crabs with a garlic sauce and black cod. It is not surprising that Koi stylish interior is decorated in the Eastern style.

Katana restaurant

Katana is a restaurant that attracts tourists with its “grilled” menu. It is situated in a beautiful historical building Plaza del Sol. The restaurant design is accomplished in unforgettable style of the past ages. So, visitors sit at the stylish dinner tables, made of redwood. Their age is about 400 years. The choice of dishes in Katana is impressively wide. It is recommended to try crabs meat, ocean perch, offered with original vegetable dishes.

Cellar restaurant

Cellar is one of the best restaurants of French kitchen. It is, differs from the others comfortable places by its rich menu, magnificent design, and perfect service. The wine list of the restaurant contains more than 1 500 wine names. The special dish of Cellar place is beef.

Sotto restaurant

Elegant design, friendly atmosphere, busy setting – the restaurant is mostly popular among the film stars and producers of 20th Century Fox project studio. What else did you expect? It is situated not far from the restaurant on the same street. It doesn’t really matter what dish you are going to try. Each of them, chicken, escarole salad, olives, cheese and capers, are delicious. According to the tourists’ advices, it is better to seat at the public table. It may occur that you can meet a real Hollywood star next to you.

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Culina restaurant

Culina is Italian kitchen in its original performance. You can make you pleasure and enjoy the tastiest pasta in the whole America, sitting in the stylish hall. Marble bar counter and fire place, situated at the open terrace, provide the middle-aged ancient atmosphere. The restaurant is situated in the world-famous hotel Four Seasons Beverly Hills. First of all, you should try lamb hot pot with artichokes, almond nuts and dates in red sauce. Don’t forget to pay your attention to Crudo sushi in special Italian interpretation.

Bäco Mercat restaurant

The chief cook of the restaurant composed a special interesting menu. The dishes are mostly cooked from the fresh meat, fish and vegetables, you can find at the local markets and farms. According to visitors’ opinion, Bäco Mercat is the best restaurant you can visit in Los Angeles. The special dish of this restaurant is sandwich. Sounds strange! It consists of fresh bread and a wide range of fillings, beginning with the pork slices and aromatic shrimps. You can also try special chapatti, filled with sausages, cheese and spicy sauce.

Ray’s and Stark Bar restaurant

The restaurant and bar building can be named an interesting place, a real sight of the city. This place is a glassy cube that was built according to Renzo Piano architect plan. The ancient collection consists of 150 design cups, filling the whole restaurant place everywhere. It looks like a museum. The special dish of the restaurant is fried chili with dates, chorizo and almond sauce.

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Playa restaurant

The famous chef cook of the restaurant John Rivera Sedlar creates the amazing dishes of Latin American kitchen. The hall interior, atmosphere and tasty dishes make the perfect picture of everything. The tastiest and very popular dish is corn pie with cheese and mushrooms. If you want to drink something special – pay your attention to season cocktails.

In-N-Out Burger cafe

In-N-Out Burger is famous of its hamburgers. There is a special menu with the different kinds of hamburgers, free potato and fresh drinks. In spite of the little space, there are always a lot of people here. The food is delicious and cheap. You can easily try it, walking down the street. Moreover, service is fast and faultless. Besides, you can always create your own hamburger.

At all times, many little cafes and luxuries restaurants are found side by side with each other in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, restaurants take the leading position in the list of fresh and healthy food. Due to the great cooking skills of the local chefs every dish you chose sounds and tastes in a new light. Los Angeles is a heart of the modern South-Californian kitchen.

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