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Affordable Limousine Rentals in Vancouver, BC


We often mention that taking a limousine rental in Vancouver, BC for a large group is actually more affordable than taking numerous taxis, so let’s take a look at the data to see how a limousine matches up for your next large group movement. Whether you’re planning a company trip, wedding, or looking for a good time with numerous friends, ...

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Tours And Things To Do In Rome


Rome is situated on the shores of the Tiber River, between the Apennine Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea, once a symbol of the powerful Roman Empire, and today a metropolis whose beauty and sights attract many tourists – the capital of Italy, with 3.3 million inhabitants, also called the Eternal City and the City of seven hills. Within Rome lies ...

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Destination Iceland – The Most Misunderstood Location

Destination Iceland

Destination Iceland There is perhaps no more beautiful and more misunderstood region in the world than Iceland. When you think of Iceland you may think of volcanos and really hard cold temperatures; but in fact Iceland has mild green summers and midsummer has around the clock sunlight! So let’s take a look at Iceland and you just might discover your ...

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Chaoyang Theatre – A High-Flying Acrobatic Experience


Chinese variety art is famous throughout the world. And the capital city of Beijing, boasts with some of the most highly reviewed show venues amongst travellers in China. Going to see an acrobatic show is a great idea to experience an exiting cultural adventure. Now has had the pleasure to have a first hand experience in the ancient world ...

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The Top Beaches to Visit on Your 2015 Vacations

Top Beaches

We all love the beach right? Not ever beach is made the same. You have some not-so-good beaches that attracts bums and some beaches are absolutely luxurious. We’ve put together a list of beaches for you, so you know what you’re getting. Enjoy! Protip: Anytime you are visiting a beach, we highly recommend buying a beach tent because it will ...

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Top Things to Do in Kona


The Atlantis Submarine Kona Adventure in Kona, Hawaii offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While you are on the beautiful island, there are plenty of other adventures for you to discover, as well. Whether you just want to relax and enjoy a good meal or rev up your vacation with some excitement, here are some awesome things to do while you are ...

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Experience The Best Desert Safari In Dubai

Desert Safari

If there is any option to give the 8th miracle of this world than my preferable place would be Dubai. You might be a little bit blurred by the statement. But if you check out the story of this city than you to partake in the same view. This marvelous city revolves from a deserted city to the most urban ...

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Why Verona is a Perfect Place for Shoppers?

Verona is a beautiful city that ideally combines an amazing medieval art and modern pace of life. Almost all Verona’s tourists set off to this lovely city to visit its numerous museums and other spots associated with the famous Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. And did you know that Verona also offers great ideas for shopping? And can you ...

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The Three Exciting Places To Visit While On A Gulet Charter Adventure Of Split City

Gulet Charter Adventure

The city of Split in Croatia provides lots of excellent places where you can enjoy an evening stroll, great atmosphere, and colorful music, lots of people, festive ambience, lovely walks, and that brilliant techno ambience.  After leaving the Diocletian palace you can walk along the pedestrian area and see lots of clothing stalls, beads, ice cream and many terraces and ...

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The Maldives – How Barefoot Pilots Fly Guests to Luxury Resorts in Paradise


Surrounded by clear blue waters and turquoise lagoons, flying barefoot from one atoll to another in the 30°C+ heat, transferring guests to their resort hotels in the Maldives, this is what the pilots of the most famous seaplane operations do, 365 days a year. It’s the Captains sector on a clear day flying over spectacular reef among the atolls that ...

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