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A Patagonia Photography Tour

A Patagonia photography tour is quite an exciting proposition for any photographer. Either due to its breathtaking high peaks or by its diverse wildlife, the region provides excitement and adventure to tourist and photographers alike.

A photo tour Patagonia is perhaps one of the most exciting types of traveling you can experience the world. With marvelous locations that are quite only comparable to the regions of Alaska, Iceland, and New Zealand.

Picture a landscape with mountains, glaciers, wildlife and a unique ecosystem that extends for hundreds of miles and that provides a protected eco-system and habitat to animals ranging from Llamas, guanacos, penguins, sea lions to armadillos, condors, and Magellanic woodpecker.
This is an opportunity for all photographers and artist to be inspired and motivated in order to produce outstanding work and experience a connection with the land and destination.

Travel Photography

There are many famous destinations for travel photography around the world, and most certainly, Patagonia is high up in the top 5 of everybody’s bucket list. If you didn’t know, It’s a special place, down in South America, which is surrounded by both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and defined by the sculpting capabilities of the Andes mountains ridge through millions of years of wind and water erosion.

Yet, some of its highlights not always visited remain as hidden locations or perhaps the best-kept secret among travel photographers. Either the Perito Moreno glacier, the Torres del Paine park, the cave of hands or the Monte Leon National Park there are amazing places to adventure and do photography around all Patagonia.

Getting to Patagonia for a photography tour is not complicated. The region is not so far away. Accessible both by air and land and next to the Andes mountains, Patagonia never disappoints. It has always marveled travel photographers by its unique landscapes, amazing value, good infrastructure, excellent cuisine and a geological and archeological past, which is so famous around the world due to its vast collection of fossils dig sites.
Yes, the exact same famous dinosaurs that roamed the land only millions of years ago and became extinct after a large asteroid impacted the earth.

Maybe you have never conceived traveling to far lands, but believe me when I tell you that a South America photo tour is a one of a kind experience to enhance your photography skills.

Patagonia Location Photography

The Patagonia plateau sits on the Southerner end of the American Hemisphere, where the countries of Chile and Argentina are located.
Argentina is known, around the world, as the capital of Tango and famous for its football stars, their tender steaks, and their passionate behavior. Its European influence is evident in its music as well as in its culture and cuisine.

This is in gran part due to the European immigration during the early beginning of the twentieth century, which helped shape most of its heritage and cultural diversity.

Argentina’s Patagonia portraits a very drastic alternative to the Buenos Aires climate and culture. Its semi-arid, somewhat semi-deserted climate, holds incredible mountains, valleys, and ravines which provide spectacular landscape and wildlife photography with its unique panoramas and sea life.

Because of its intrinsic landscapes, colors, and textures, this is an adventure favorite among photography professionals, hobbyist, and enthusiast. Patagonia’s colors, shapes, and geological richness will enhance your artistic eye and improve your travel photography compass into a new level.

There are many travel photography opportunities for any curious explorer. Either due to the unparalleled and abundant nature options or due to the unique characteristics of its landscapes, this is an experience to preserve and cherish forever.

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