Los Monteros Beach Marbella – it’s still nice in the winter!

Enjoying The Wonderful Warmth Of Marbella All Year Round

When the skies are grey, the weather gloomy and the temperatures distinctly chilly, heading off for a holiday in a warmer part of the world can really lift your spirits.

Unfortunately even in the height of summer, there’s no guarantee of blue skies in the UK so why not take a trip to a part of the world where it’s always warm and sunny: Marbella.

Summer is Marbella is simply glorious with unbroken sunshine and endless azure skies but it’s not just in the peak season when it’s worth a visit, but all year round.

Marbella is blessed with the perfect climate which makes it the ideal holiday destination, even in the middle of the European winter!

Here’s a closer look at the Marbella climate and what you might expect if you visit throughout the year.


The hottest season of them all, summer in Marbella more or less guarantees glorious weather from morning to night, with unbroken blue skies and warm sunshine every day.

What’s even better about the climate in Marbella is that it doesn’t get so blisteringly hot that it’s impossible to be outside, with the average temperature in summer remaining at 26°C/79°F. Instead, the temperatures are consistently warm making it very pleasurable, even for activities such as water sports, sunbathing or swimming.

Enjoying the warmth of the Marbella summer sun

Enjoying the warmth of the Marbella summer sun

The Sierra Blanca mountains back onto Marbella and although it’s cooler the higher up you climb, it’s generally a good idea to avoid hiking during the hottest part of the day. You could either visit during a cooler part of the year or else plan your climb for much earlier in the day, before the temperature rises too high.

Even during the summer evenings it’s unlikely to become too chilly and you’ll still be comfortable in short sleeves. For this reason, it’s common to eat much later in the day, with many meals enjoyed al fresco rather than indoors.


Fall in Marbella is still a warm season and certainly earlier on it’ s hot enough to enjoy a dip in the sea or to laze around by the pool.

Average temperatures are around 23°C/73°F and there’s plenty of warm, sunny days with blue skies. Without the real heat of the summer, autumn can be a far more comfortable time and activities such as golf and cycling – which are very popular in the region – can be enjoyed throughout the day.

There can be more of a breeze blowing across the bay; this can make it feel cooler and creates perfect conditions for watersports.

As autumn passes the nights will become colder, and long sleeves or a cover-up may be required for the evenings.


The coldest season of them all, winter in Marbella is still pleasant and warm enough for T-shirts during the day most of the time, with a light jacket needed just occasionally.

The average temperature for winter is a relatively balmy 17°C/63°F; January is the coldest month when it may be as cold as 15°C/59°F.

There are only occasional overcast or rainy days, with the Sierra Blanca peaks which buffet Marbella providing protection from the worst of the weather.

Watersports are popular in Marbella in winter because there’s more waves and turbulence in the sea, creating the perfect conditions for more experienced partakers.


Marbella’s climate is relatively warm and dry all year round, and spring is no different. The temperature rapidly rises, reaching 22°C/72°F by the end of April.

A gentle easterly breeze can make it feel wonderfully warm without blistering heat and as summer months approach, you can get rid of the jacket in the evenings as well.


Marbella really is the perfect holiday destination, offering warm weather and blue skies no matter what the season. Whether you want to spend your holiday kite-surfing, relaxing on the beach or exploring the area, Marbella provides the ideal conditions from January through to December.

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