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Finding the Perfect Guest House or Hotel in the UK

When you are traveling to the United Kingdom for an extended period of time, you may want to opt for staying in a guest house or hotel. For an occasional visit, staying in a hostel may be an affordable option. If you plan on staying for a vacation or extended period of time, you will likely want to enjoy a certain level of privacy or certain amenities during your stay. Here are some factors to consider before you book your stay at a guest house or hotel in the UK

Location, Location, Location

Think about the location that you prefer during your stay. Consider whether you want to be in the rural picturesque part like Cherwell or East Dorset, or whether you wish to be in the bustling city of London. If you plan on visiting a rural part of the UK, then staying in a guest house may be your best bet. The host may be well-attuned to the needs of visitors, and he or she may have an extensive knowledge of the best places for “locals.” The host of a guest home may be able to provide you with a charming and quiet stay in a rural area. In a city area, you may be better off staying in a hotel that can provide you with professional accommodations that you may require, such as concierge service, valet parking or dining services.

Consider the Type of Stay You Want

In a hotel, you may be able to enjoy a more sophisticated experience in the United Kingdom than you would at a guest house. Whether you take a break at the hotel bar or dine at a luxurious hotel restaurant, your experience can have the additional “royal” touch. If you stay at a guest house, you may be able to enjoy a quaint, comfortable and cozy experience. In addition, guest homes tend to provide vary unique experiences depending on the host or hostess. You may enjoy extra treats like personal tours of the countryside or breakfast in bed at a guest house.

The “Royalty” Factor

Of course, you also always have the option of considering those factors that mean the most to you in finding a hotel or guest house. Some travelers are intrigued by the possibility of staying in a hotel that frequently attracts celebrities and royals. Perhaps you wish to stay somewhere the Queen or England has graced or the favorite guest house of Prince William and Princess Kate. There is something alluring and intriguing about staying in the same location that has attracted the world’s royals.

Consider Cost

Cost may also be a factor to consider if you are traveling during one of Europe’s many holidays. If you travel during holiday, you may find that the cost of hotels and guest homes is pricier than usual. Choosing to book your stay during an off-peak time can help you save on costs. In addition, guest homes tend to be less expensive than hotels. If cost is a major consideration for you, then a guest house may be your best bet.

Consider these factors before you book your next stay in the United Kingdom. Whether you choose a guest house or hotel, you can have a fabulous experience as you explore the United Kingdom and greater Europe. You can also find a place that you love and that won’t break the bank.

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