Gatwick Airport Business Facilities

Taking a business trip to London may require that you stay on a tight schedule. When you fly into Gatwick Airport, you can enjoy a number of amenities designed with today’s business traveler in mind. Before you arrive, you can prepare for your journey and also keep up with your busy itinerary by learning what conveniences await you once you arrive at Gatwick Airport.

Dining, Relaxation, and More

After a lengthy flight, your first priority upon arrival may center on getting a bite to eat and relaxing. You do not have to venture far once you finish with customs to find everything you need to fill your stomach, rest your legs, and relax. Gatwick Airport has a number of eateries and lounges on site for your enjoyment. You can eat at Garfunkel’s Restaurant, Costa, or Jamie’s Italian, among a number of other on-site restaurants. You can get a cup of coffee or tea, as well as a snack at Nero’s Cafe or Armadillo Santa Fe Cafe.

However, if you are more keen to rest for a bit before your transportation arrives to pick you up, you can also sit and unwind in one of the airport’s lounges. The lounges are equipped with comfortable furniture, TVs, and other comforts that you need to relax after your flight.

Business Conveniences

After you eat and relax, you also may be focused on charging your phone or meeting with important clients before departing to your hotel. Gatwick Airport offers kiosks where you can charge your phone or mobile devices, as well as use the wireless Internet to check your email or get caught up with work.

The lounges close to the kiosks also have private meeting spaces where you can meet with clients or host a short-term business meeting. You can sign up for these conveniences by visiting the airport’s website.

Short-Term Office Space

Once you arrive in London, you may need to find a place to set up your business on a short-term basis. You can make use of one of the short-term offices that the airport has ready for business travelers. The spaces available vary in size and can accommodate groups from just a few people to an entire office worth’s of workers. These leases are flexible and designed to meet your corporate budget. They also are available as furnished or partly furnished, whichever you prefer.

If you would rather find a space away from the airport, yet still close by for your travel purposes, you can find short-term office leasing by reviewing the lists on the Internet. Like those on site at the airport, these office spaces near Gatwick also have flexible leasing and pricing. Instead of reserving these spaces on the airport’s website, however, you will need to contact the individual owner of the space in which you are interested.

Currency Exchange

Another practical task that you must address once you arrive involves changing your currency. While you may use your credit cards for larger expenses like your hotel reservation, you will need cash to pay for your food or to pay for parking fare. Gatwick Airport has on-site currency exchange stations set up for your convenience. These stations are available 24 hours a day and can exchange up to 50 different types of currency.

Along with currency exchange stations, you can also find ATMs available at Gatwick Airport. You can draw off cash immediately after you arrive so you have money on hand to pay for your cash-related expenses.

Your business trip to London will be more successful and enjoyment when you have what you need immediately upon arrival. Gatwick Airport offers these conveniences available to you and other business travelers.

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