Trip Wisely in Stavanger

Rent a Car For Your Trip Wisely in Stavanger

Stavanger is the third largest city of Norway. Though not as famous as capital Oslo and Bergen, it is nevertheless a popular choice among the tourists coming to Norway. This coastal city which was once a market town later transformed into a major fishing port. But it was the discovery of huge reserves of offshore oil here in 1969 that changed the fortunes of Stavanger forever. You can experience the old world charm of Stavanger from its historic centre where there are still many wooden houses. Rent a car for your trip wisely in Stavanger so that you can easily and conveniently explore the city and the surrounding areas.

Breath taking natural beauty

Stavanger is surrounded by Fjords, mountains, and oceans. It boasts of white sandy beaches that come alive in the summer season. The city was once called the cultural capital of Europe and it still has a vibrant cultural life. There are many museums and cultural events taking place all round the year in Stavanger prove to be a big attraction for the lovers of art and culture. There is a lot to see and do in Stavanger and its surrounding areas so it makes sense for you as a tourist to get a car on rent from a respected car rental company.

Do not forget to visit Preikestolen, a very popular tourist attraction in Stavanger also known as The Pulpit Rock. It is a huge mountain cliff jutting out 600 meters over a lake. You can get breath taking views of the natural scenery once you reach the top point of this rock.

The city of museums

There are many museums to have good time in Stavanger. One of these is Stavanger Oil Museum that is a must visit place for you if you want to see how discovery of oil has changed the economy of this city. You can see for yourself the drilling equipment and even a mock tail platform to give you an idea of how oil is mined offshore in this city.


Another museum that is thronged by tourists coming to Stavanger is Canning Museum. By visiting this museum you can get an understanding of how the economy of this oil city was once governed by fishing industry. You can see the whole 12 stage process beginning from salting and threading to decapitating and finally packing that signifies canning industry.

Besides museums and cultural events, there are many outdoor activities to lure any adventure enthusiast. You can take part in climbing, hiking, trekking ets to explore the beautiful landscape of the city and its surrounding areas. If surfing is what you want to take part in, you can visit Sola Beach, a long white sandy beach in Stavanger. Water makes small waves here to be able to do surfing.

No matter what your interest and liking, Stavanger in Norway is a place where you will never feel bored. Just make sure that you Rent a car stavanger for your trip wisely so that you remain comfortable and move in style. is one reliable source from where you can book your car.

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