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The Road to Everywhere, Rent a Car in Stavanger

Stavanger is the third largest city and municipality in the whole of Norway. It is a coastal town that was considered the European cultural capital because of the presence of several museums and all the cultural events that take place here annually. This city of natural highs contains many mountains, Fjords, and white sandy beaches. There is so much to see and do here that you must Rent a car in stavanger if you are constrained by time.

History of Stavanger stretches back to middle ages. This is why it is an eclectic mix of the old and the new. It was initially a coastal market town and later developed into a major fishing port. It was the discovery of offshore oil in 1969 that changed the fortunes of this city forever. Today it is called the oil capital of Europe with more than 300 energy related companies operating from here. Stavanger is also the headquarters of StatOil, Norway’s largest oil exploration and Gas Company. Most of the income of this city comes from oil and energy sector companies.

Stavanger has a tourist attraction called The Pulpit Rock. It is a rock jutting out 604 m above sea level making it one of the most breath taking viewing platforms in the whole world. Another attraction in this city that is a little spectacular but nevertheless looks very beautiful is the presence of very colourful houses lined across a street called Ovre Holmegate. . It is worth covering hundreds of kilometres to come to Stavanger just to catch a glimpse of these colourful houses on this famous street. It becomes easy for you if you rent a car in Stavanger.

The discovery of oil in Stavanger led to the development of the outskirts in a very modern way but it still retains its old world charm in the historic centre. There are no skyscrapers in the heart of the city and it still boasts of some of the oldest and also most beautiful wooden houses in the whole of Europe. This heart of Stavanger is called Gamie Stavanger and you would do well to go inside and explore the old wooden houses to have the feel of the 19th century Stavanger.

Canning Museum

This is a museum in Stavanger that tells the story of this coastal fishing town that it was once upon a time. There were many canning factories in Stavanger in those times. This was before the discovery of offshore oil in the city. Canneries provided employment to more than half of the population of Stavanger in old times. There are machines that explain the entire 12 stage process of canning from salting and threading to smoking and finally packing inside Canning Museum. There are guides in this museum that are ready with answers to all your questions. There are also Stavanger Museum, Maritime Musuem, Natural History Musuem, and Archaeological Museums in Stavanger for the lovers of art and culture.

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