TOP 12 True Spanish Places In Madrid

Madrid stands apart from other European capitals. It is interesting to walk down the city squares, central street Gran-via, along the labyrinth of alleys, shops, and cafes. Unlike Paris, London or Vienna you cannot feel ancient atmosphere in the cathedral church – it was finished just in 1993. The architecture here cannot stop from surprising tourists and guests of its massiveness, than elegance. Nevertheless, it is not disturbing tourists to enjoy walking the capital’s streets.

Have you got a plan of your Spanish tour? Do you want to make this tour more interesting and impressive? This article is predicted to become a real guide for you to learn the city interesting places, new Madrid without Prado museum and traditional shopping centers on Gran-via.


Ojala Bar

Each Madrilenian has about ten favourite bars for every life occasions: to catch up with friends, support favourite football team, or just relax in familiar surroundings. To be delighted at city sights, tourists always dreamed about the beach – the only one rare thing that is in a short supply in Madrid. You can find a good beach here – in Ojala Bar, situated in Malasana district.

There is a fine sand on the ground and summer cocktails in the bar. Deck chairs, night concerts and exotic atmosphere are waiting for you the year round. To get inside you should book a seat beforehand.

Retiro Park

There is nothing better in good weather than keep company to locals and walk down the park. The most popular of all Madrid parks is Retiro Park that was founded in 17th century. The royal park was not a public place. It is free for visiting now on conditions that you are well-dressed and well-behaved. In our days, the park is a favourite place for family walks and morning run.

There are three exhibition pavilions here, where the modern arts exhibitions usually take place. The most beautiful of them is Glassy Castle that was built in 1887. The other pavilion – Velasquez Castle, was devoted to International exhibition of 1883. The third pavilion – Cows’ House, was milk receiving center long time ago. Just few people know that there was a big grass land just next to the park. The entrance is free.


Las Ventas Arena

A passion to parties and celebrations is a national feature of all Spanish people. If you want to see their true emotions – choose any entertainment you like: football, flamenco, corrida or any other street party. Unlike football, Spanish corrida is unique, as Las Ventas Arena. It contains more than 23 000 people.

If you want, you can watch corrida by TV. Usually, the most important championships are broadcasting being equal with football. You can finish your corrida evening in one of the local restaurants, trying something special, like Rabo de Toro – homemade roast meet with ox tail.

Casa Patas Tablao

Do you want to see traditional Spanish dancing – flamenco? There are many places in Madrid, where you can meet flamenco atmosphere. If you want to try and improvise – come and see! Such places are usually called Tablao. Searching for flamenco you should visit Tirso de Molina district, where tourist are not a usual thing yet. Obviously, Madrid is a place, where the best flamenco dancers live.

Mercado de las Maravillas Market

Madrid Market is one of the city places you should visit, even if you don’t like shopping. Market for Spanish people is not only shopping place, but communicative club. Perhaps, there is no any touristic guide, where you cannot, but meet information about San Miguel Market. The next step is visiting Mercado de las Maravillas. It is better to go there on Friday to see all color and assortment.

Take a closer look at appetizers, which Madrilenians usually buy! You should ask the same, keeping in mind three main words – bueno, bonito, barato (ok, nice, cheap).


MadrEat Festival

Every third month in Madrid, MadrEat Festival takes place. It consists of street food festival and big city picnic. Traditionally, the place of the picnic is AZCA Park, next to Nuevos Ministerios subway station.

Rastro jumble market

Lavapies is one of the multinational city districts. Jumble market Rastro is situated here. Working hours is from 10.a.m. and till noon. Locals come to buy cheap things, antiques, picture, magazines and birthday cards from the past.

Tabacalera creative center

There is an old Tabaco Factory in Embajadores district, which was rebuilt into informal creative center Tabacalera. What can you see here? Usually, all famous exhibitions of modern arts, photography take place on the territory of this center. If you want to see all galleries that were carefully painted by street artists, it is better to come here on Saturday – probably, you can get on party.

Vistillas Park

There is one more secret of Spanish capital: Madrilenians like gather together to admire city sights. If you want join them – come to Vistillas Park, which is situated not far from Bailen Bridge.


Platea Madrid Center

Madrid becomes different every evening. To watch this it is enough to walk the street, which never gets sleep – crowded and noisy Gran Via. Don’t stop – go further to the fashion center Platea. Its reconstruction coasted about 60 millions EUR. There are many restaurants, bars, gastronomic boutiques, bakery, market, stage and big cinema. Besides, you can try the best of the best dishes in Spain.


The best souvenirs are cooking. Welcome to Delishop (there are few of them in Madrid) to buy something tasty. You can find spices, sauces, pastas and other eating pleasures to make your dish better and interesting. You can try tasty ice-cram, and Italian coffee here. The chef is a friendly man!

Herbolario Sucesores de la Fuente

If you like herbal teas don’t miss Herbolario Sucesores de la Fuente. This shop is 150 years old. There are all sorts of herbs for all of life emergences: more than 400 kinds. This place is worth visiting if you want to become thin or feel better.

Madrid is really interesting place. Being here, don’t forget about the most comfortable way of travelling – by car. Of course, city transport is widely represented by buses, subway and city trains. You can get tickets in the special automations or booking offices. To watch the city in the best way and enjoy your staying here it is better to use rental car services to travel to the max.

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